Our Objectives

The English Language Learners Support Services aim to provide support and instruction in the English language and academic areas to English Language Learners to enable them to be successful in the mainstream classrooms.

With that objective in mind a comprehensive ELL Program has been established to support our English Language Learners in their effort to learn English as quickly and efficiently as possible and to support the content-area teachers in their endeavor to meet the needs of our ELL population.

The ELL Services provide support to students:

  1. Through a Push-in program - The ESL teachers come into the regular classrooms to provide differentiated instruction for individual students or a small group of students who are working at different language levels. The ELL teachers can also participate in a parallel or team teaching model where the homeroom teachers and the ELL teachers work collaboratively to co-teach lessons.
  2. Through a Pull-out Program – English Language Learners who are at the beginning stages of language development are given individualized or small group instruction in the ELL classroom. The objective is to help the students develop their four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as to help them acquire a large vocabulary to support their social and academic life.

The ELL Services provide support to content-area teachers

Through organizing and delivering professional development sessions for the teachers; developing and gathering materials to support the unit of study in the mainstream classroom as well as having regular meetings to talk about the students’ progress and how to best differentiate instruction for our English Language Learners.