On the high school level, QISS athletic teams compete against other local international schools and against teams from around China as member of ACAMIS (Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools) Blue Division.

H.S. Girls Athletics Year at a Glance

Sport Coach(es)
Volleyball Ms. Aricia & Ms. Alicia
Basketball Mr. Krakowski & Ms. King
Soccer Ms. Alicia & Ms. Antonini
Track & Field Mrs. Smith & Ms. Goodman

ACAMIS Tournament Dates

Dates Sport Location
Oct.27-30 Volleyball Beijing
Feb. 8-11 Basketball Mongolia
Apr.20-22 Soccer QISS
May 12-13 Track and Field Beijing-ISB

H.S. Boys Athletics Year at a Glance

Sport Coach(es)
Volleyball Mr. Muller & Mr. Krakowski
Basketball Mr. Smith & Mr. Landero
Soccer Mr. Landero
Track Mr. Smith & Mr. Krakowski

QISN Tournament Dates(U15)

Dates Sport Location
Oct. 28-29 Soccer MCQ
March 11 Ping Pong MCQ
Apr.22-23 Basketball YCIS

QISN Tournament Dates(U19)

Dates Sport Location
Nov. 4-5 Volleyball ISQ
Nov. 18-19 Ping Pong ISQ
Feb. 17-18 Basketball YCIS
Apr.14-15 Soccer CISQD

In addition to high school athletics, QISS offers a middle school soccer program for both boys and girls and numerous recreational sports activities via the physical education program and After School Activities.

If you have any questions about the QISS athletic program or want to schedule a game please contact Athletic Director Matthew Krakowski